STEIM concert – anonymous review

May 10th, 2001

Text sent from audience member after kaffe’s solo concert at STEIM, may 10th 2001

considering i have not been exposed to large quantities of live electronic music, my perception is necessarily limited by experience. regardless of my experiential self-deprecative, i perceived your sound-gift as immensely powerful and impressive, the use of density and sparseness to create a moving structure which flowed effortlessly through time and my body. the saturation points reached incredible levels, without the unbearable loudness intensity i have heard before used as an effect in itself. the simplicity of your sound source rapidly dispersing into a complex world of inter-relations, increasing layers of trajectory after trajectory, a delicate beauty held together with the subtle strength of timbral cohesion. and of the technical structure of the sonic – loops and phases in and out of synchronicity – actual physical sound events creating their own solid environment within which i was submerged, reflecting. somewhere i drowned in rising tides and depths, which dropped brutally leaving my body to melt in fluidic plateaus of frequency shifts. the place where time slows, to the pace where the mind can perceive all that has, is and may occur in that world – a sensual multi-dimensional bodyencapsulated within the immersive sound body. and at its close, _my body was saturated.