cd ebb+flo – 2003

KAFFE MATTHEWS – CD eb + flo (Annette Works)

Playing a theremin and “converting live things” is what Matthews does in
these reconstructions of performances held in various sites. Straight out of
my chest, I’ll say I felt a prominent “Alvin Lucier vibe” as soon as I
immerged myself in this not-so-easy listening. The best way to catch the
whole Kaffe Matthews’ frequency spectrum is either walking around the room
so that corners and obstacles help refracting and reverberating the
waveshapes and feedback layers all around your membranes. On the other hand,
wearing headphones will surely help defining the granular images encountered
during these 104+ minutes; sometimes you’re just forced stopping in your
tracks whatever your activity is at that very moment. Going from Eliane
Radigue-like warm, slightly undulating timbres to the borders of
grey-to-white noise in a low frequency galore, for sure Kaffe knows her way
to give a good refreshing to your well worn music making/listening concepts.